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Bit stool

Bit is an aesthetically pleasing, versatile stool with countless possibilities for your home. Use Bit as a pedestal for a floral arrangement, as a side table for a lamp, or as impromptu seating for that unexpected dinner guest. Inspired by clear-cut shapes such as monoliths and columns, designer Simon Legald’s take on the stool is both bold and multifunctional. 

The straightforward, utilitarian look contrasts with the pixelated surface made up of small bits of 100% recycled household and industrial plastic. Wherever you decide to place it, Bit will definitely bring a smile to your face.


The flexibility in the modular Rope Sofa offers a wealth of opportunities for creative expression and personal style. With the possibility of choosing between a deep or a more narrow seat, Rope will accommodate the needs of those looking for a sofa to sit comfortably in as well as those who like to curl up on their sofa. 

Either way, Rope is designed for pure comfort and will make you want to relax for hours at a time.